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Total Downloads
2 331 862

  • atmo0.1.0

    12 199 Downloads

    A single, flexible interface for reading configuration from environment variables or `Mix.Config` with parsing and defaults.

  • carmen0.1.4

    6 691 Downloads

    A clustered, streaming database for location events

  • cll0.2.0

    7 473 Downloads

    Data structure with circular linked-list behaviour in Elixir

  • distance1.1.1

    667 960 Downloads

    Various distance functions for geometric or geographic calculations

  • envelope1.4.0

    40 136 Downloads

    A library for calculating envelopes of geometries and tools to compare them.

  • explode1.1.1

    96 513 Downloads

    An easy utility for responding with standard HTTP/JSON error payloads in Plug- and Phoenix-based applications.

  • geo_stream_data0.2.1

    1 101 Downloads

    Library for generating geospatial data for property testing.

  • libcluster_gce_strategy0.1.0

    8 642 Downloads

    Libcluster clustering strategy for Google Cloud Platform instances in an Instance Group.

  • pid_control0.1.0


    Implementation of a discrete PID Controller

  • polyline1.4.0

    272 001 Downloads

    Encoding and decoding of Polylines

  • replay0.1.0

    1 194 Downloads

    Testing library for mocking Circuits libraries through a sequence of steps.

  • robotis0.1.1


    Driver for interfacing with Robotis Dynamixel servos.

  • rplidar0.1.0


    Driver for interfacing with the RPLidar A1 360-degree LiDAR sensor

  • seg_seg1.0.0

    283 817 Downloads

    Segment-Segment intersection point and classification

  • simplify2.0.0

    46 948 Downloads

    Implementation of the Ramer–Douglas–Peucker algorithm for reducing the number of points used to represent a curve.

  • spatial_hash0.1.6

    7 062 Downloads

    A library for calculating spatial hashes for points and geometries.

  • spatial_map0.1.2


    Geospatial feature storage for fast intersection checks

  • tmf882x0.1.1


    Driver for the TMF882X family of multi-zone direct time-of-flight (dToF) distance sensor

  • topo1.0.0

    222 106 Downloads

    Geometry library for determining spatial relationships between geometries

  • vector1.1.0

    655 543 Downloads

    Library of common vector functions for use in geometric or graphical calculations.

Powell Kinney