Announcing Hex Diff

20 January, 2020 · by Johanna Larsson

I’m incredibly excited to announce the new web-based Hex package differ:, maintained by the Hex team! This is the result of the issue on the Github repo and the discussion it started.


Hex v0.20 released

10 June, 2019 · by Eric Meadows-Jönsson

A bit more than year ago we released private packages with organizations. With it you can add members to your organization and publish private packages only accessible by the members of the organization. The private packages are published to a separate repository (hosted by making sure they are separate from public packages.


Hex v0.19 released

15 January, 2019 · by Eric Meadows-Jönsson

The v0.19 release includes an important security fix to anyone accessing Hex repositories through a mirror. A bug has been found that would allow a malicious mirror to serve modified versions of Hex packages. hex versions 0.14.0 to 0.18.2 and rebar3 versions 3.7.0 to 3.7.5 are vulnerable. Make sure to update to hex 0.19.0 and rebar3 3.8.0.


Database migration

September 28, 2018 · by Eric Meadows-Jönsson

We are changing hosting provider from Heroku to Google Cloud. All applications have already been moved to Google Kubernetes Engine, but we sill have to move the database for itself.


Private Hexdocs

August 9, 2018 · by Eric Meadows-Jönsson

Today we are happy to announce the release of Hexdocs for private packages. All the private packages you have uploaded documentation for (the default when running mix hex.publish) are now available and browsable on Hexdocs.


Announcing hex_core

August 8, 2018 · by Wojtek Mach

Today we are releasing the first version of hex_core, an Erlang library to interact with and other servers implementing Hex specifications.


Hex v0.18 released

July 5, 2018 · by Eric Meadows-Jönsson

The v0.18 release includes improvements to API key handling and workflows when using continuous integration.


Organizations going live

March 5, 2018 · by Eric Meadows-Jönsson

A few months ago we introduced the beta of private packages and organizations. In the meantime we have been building the billing system and iterating on organizations. We’d like to thank beta users for their valuable feedback.


Private packages and organizations

August 28, 2017 · by Eric Meadows-Jönsson

We are announcing the addition of private packages on With private packages you can publish packages to that only your organization members can access and download. With your organization you get a repository namespace on so that your private packages will not conflict with packages in the global, public repository. Go check out the private package documentation to learn exactly how it works.