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  • 291K 291 777
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Most Downloaded

  • 2 327 453 downloads CA bundle adapted from Mozilla by published 1410 days ago

  • 2 305 496 downloads Library to handle mimetypes published 1408 days ago

  • 2 274 846 downloads A blazing fast JSON parser and generator in pure Elixir. published 576 days ago

  • 2 266 032 downloads Socket acceptor pool for TCP protocols. published 1815 days ago

  • 2 248 269 downloads simple HTTP client published 1802 days ago

  • 2 243 679 downloads SSL verification functions for Erlang published 1227 days ago

  • 2 232 013 downloads A pure Erlang IDNA implementation published 1802 days ago

  • 2 215 120 downloads A generic interface to different metrics systems in Erlang. published 1323 days ago

New Packages

  • A simple application to save and retrieve a list in a process; used for state persistence published 8 hours ago

  • NIF sort typed list published 11 hours ago

  • A set of Plugs to be used for Kubernetes healthchecks. published 18 hours ago

  • Small utility to read markdown+frontmatter pages published 18 hours ago

  • Simple tool for creating Telegram bots in Elixir published 18 hours ago

  • Elixir interface to the Kafka protocol published 1 day ago

  • NIF sorting list of strings published 1 day ago

  • Programatically spawn and manage server infrastructure published 1 day ago

  • Ceylan-Myriad, a generic-purpose Erlang toolbox, as an OTP application library here (see http://m... published 1 day ago

  • A simple email address validator for Elixir that first checks the address with a regular expressi... published 1 day ago

Recently Updated

  • Mocks for Elixir functions 1.1.0 published 4 minutes ago

  • Yet another Redis PubSub adapter for Phoenix. Supports sharding across multiple redis nodes. 0.3.2 published 2 hours ago

  • A simple application to save and retrieve a list in a process; used for state persistence 0.1.1 published 6 hours ago

  • Meeseeks is a library for parsing and extracting data from HTML and XML with CSS or XPath selectors. 0.11.2 published 7 hours ago

  • A simple application to save and retrieve a list in a process; used for state persistence 0.1.0 published 8 hours ago

  • A library for tracking progress across many cooperating tasks 1.1.0 published 10 hours ago

  • A simple client library for PagerDuty API v2. 1.0.0 published 10 hours ago

  • RabbitMQ AMQP Client 3.7.17-rc.2 published 10 hours ago

  • Modules shared by rabbitmq-server and rabbitmq-erlang-client 3.7.17-rc.2 published 10 hours ago

  • NIF sort typed list 0.2.0 published 11 hours ago