Download rebar3, put it in your PATH and give it executable permissions. Now you can install the Hex plugin by adding {plugins, [rebar3_hex]}. to ~/.config/rebar3/rebar.config and run all of its tasks.

Defining dependencies

Hex packages as dependencies are supported by rebar3 even without the plugin. The hex plugin is only required for publishing an application as a hex package.

  ranch,                  %% picks the highest available version
  {cowboy,"1.0.1"},       %% sets the version to use
  {uuid, {pkg, uuid_erl}} %% app under a different pkg name

For more information on dependencies and using rebar3 see the rebar3 documentation.

Fetching dependencies

First, update the package index with rebar3 update, you’ll want to do this frequently to keep up to date. The default package index is stored in ~/.cache/rebar3/hex/default/packages.idx. Running rebar3 compile will automatically fetch any missing dependencies and build them under _build/default/lib. Packages are cached to ~/.cache/rebar3/hex/default/packages.