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735 619

  • abacus2.0.0

    351 663 Downloads

    Mathematical expression parser and evaluator in Elixir.

    Tags: math, parse, parser, eval

  • abacus_sql2.1.1

    9 054 Downloads

    Convert Abacus expression into Ecto DSL expressions, and use them for where, selects, order_by, group_by or having clauses.

  • batch_stage0.1.0

    10 687 Downloads

    Elixir GenStage that batches events together so they are not sent one-by-one

  • bucket_hydra0.1.0

    5 634 Downloads

    A bucket-based rate limit algorithm with support for clusters

  • candle_clock1.6.1

    4 945 Downloads

    Manages persistent timers, intervals and cronjobs with a database table

  • casconf1.0.0

    8 694 Downloads

    Runtime config fed by static elixir expressions

  • concurrent_limits0.1.0

    5 584 Downloads

    Limit how many of the same function can execute simultaneously

  • easy_error_logger1.0.0

    6 758 Downloads

    Makes logging of caught, rescued and unmatched errors easier.

  • ecto_ensure_migrations0.1.0


    A way to keep all your SQL function, cast and operator definitions in actual .sql files instead of migrations.

  • element_kit0.5.0

    1 092 Downloads

    Helper modules to connect an ELEMENT app with ELEMENT IoT

  • ex_audit0.10.0

    218 908 Downloads

    Ecto auditing library that transparently tracks changes and can revert them

  • loppers1.0.0

    7 005 Downloads

    Validate quoted Elixir AST against a function whitelist

  • maracuja0.2.0

    6 856 Downloads

    Spawns singletons that live at most once per cluster

  • merge_into_polyfill0.1.0-rc-0


    DSL and polyfill to express MERGE queries using ecto (postgres adapter only)

  • pow_postgres_store1.0.0

    90 204 Downloads

    Postgres-backed cache backend for pow

  • rabbit_hutch1.0.0

    3 552 Downloads

    Managed RabbitMQ channels with auto-reconnect and backoff

  • relative_time0.3.1

    4 249 Downloads

    DSL to express absolute and relative times, similar to grafana

  • tube0.1.1


    WebSocket client library in pure elixir