Total Owned Packages

Total Downloads
139 661

  • absinthe_generator0.1.0

    3 566 Downloads

    Generators for absinthe to help reduce writing boilerplate

  • app_gen0.1.1

    3 581 Downloads

    Config as code generation for phoenix applications, don't write apps, generate them

  • binance_api0.2.15

    8 290 Downloads

    Binance API access for elixir, doesn't use structs, includes spot and futures

  • ecto_shorts2.2.1

    66 979 Downloads

    Helper tools for making ecto interactions more pleasant and shorter

  • error_message0.2.3

    23 543 Downloads

    Error system to help make errors consistent across your system

  • factory_ex0.3.1

    4 395 Downloads

    Factories for elixir to help create data models at random, this works for any type of ecto structs

  • prometheus_telemetry0.4.1

    12 239 Downloads

    Prometheus metrics exporter using Telemetry.Metrics as a foundation

  • request_cache_plug0.2.1

    14 855 Downloads

    Plug to cache requests declaratively for either GraphQL or Phoenix, this plug is intended to short circuit all json/decoding or parsing a server would normally do

  • slack_hook0.2.1


    Sends simple messages to Slack channel using webhook API.

  • trello1.4.0

    2 027 Downloads

    Trello wrapper for elixir api