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5 529 032

  • cowrie0.3.2

    1 793 Downloads

    Simple stylable formatting for your CLI, Terminal, or Shell output

  • dotenvy0.8.0

    315 538 Downloads

    A port of the original dotenv Ruby gem, for mix and releases. Facilitates runtime config per the 12-factor App.

  • figlet0.3.1


    An Elixir implementation of Figlets: lets you write huge ASCII letters!

  • inspecto0.3.1


    Inspecto (Inspect + Ecto) is a utility to help inspect and summarize your Ecto schemas, giving you an overview of the shape of your database.

  • iso_lang0.4.0


    Formalizes interface for ISO-639 language codes and assists with language-code conversion

  • logger_file_backend0.0.14

    5 162 026 Downloads

    Simple logger backend that writes to a file

  • permutation0.2.0

    41 491 Downloads

    Permutation is a package and protocol for calculating the possible permutations or combinations of an Enumerable.

  • pockets1.4.0

    1 872 Downloads

    Pockets is an Elixir wrapper around Erlang :ets and :dets, a disk-based term storage. It offers a simple key/value store with a familiar interface. This is a simple alternative to :mnesia or Redis.

  • stripper1.4.0

    2 897 Downloads

    A package for normalizing string input from unpredictable sources (such as web scraping)

  • tacocat0.3.0


    Playful text manipulations and animations including Nyan Cat, upside down, backwards, and Bon Iver!

  • xfile0.4.0

    1 187 Downloads

    Augmentations of the File module, including the ability to list files recursively, grep for patterns, stream output, and filter files programmatically.

  • xray1.2.0


    Offers utility functions for inspecting string binaries and code points

Everett Griffiths