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72 124

  • gen_timer1.0.0

    9 625 Downloads

    A GenServer for asynchronously running a function after some duration.

  • manifest0.3.2

    19 972 Downloads

    Provides a structure for ordering operations that need to happen, and how to roll them back if they fail.

  • prop_schema1.1.0

    27 040 Downloads

    An extension on `Ecto.Schema` where you can provide additional options, which will be read by the corresponding `PropSchema.TestHarness` module, used in the test files to generate property tests.

  • telemetric_events0.2.1

    13 030 Downloads

    Uses `:telemetry` to take events and combines logging and Prometheus metrics to process events

  • useless0.1.0

    2 457 Downloads

    Application that doesn't do anything except start up a supervisor with no children. For the purpose of having an app that a testing runtime can start and stop with no consequences.