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1 289 694

  • absinthe_error_payload1.1.4

    404 839 Downloads

    Utilities to return Ecto validation error messages in an absinthe graphql response.

  • credo_naming2.0.1

    163 226 Downloads

    A suite of checks to enforce naming best practices in an Elixir project.

  • html_test_helpers0.1.6

    1 155 Downloads

    HTMLTestHelpers provides function helpers for unit testing allowing easy assertions for HTML elements data queried by data-testid attribute.

  • html_test_identifiers0.2.2

    1 147 Downloads

    HTMLTestIdentifiers provides the basic functionality to add data-testid attribute depending on configuration

  • mix_audit2.0.2

    716 911 Downloads

    MixAudit provides a `mix deps.audit` task to scan a project Mix dependencies for known Elixir security vulnerabilities

  • plug_image_processing0.1.1


    Plug to process images on-the-fly using libvips

  • telemetry_ui1.2.0

    1 693 Downloads

    Telemetry based metrics UI