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13 910

  • ecto_cursor0.1.4

    3 214 Downloads

    A fully automatic cursor pagination for Ecto. It relies on analysis of the expressions in order_by clause and requires no configuration.

  • flow_producers0.1.2

    1 101 Downloads

    Queue and Poller behaviours for Elixir Flow

  • grass_hopper0.1.0


    GrassHopper is a tiny abstraction over GenServer, that helps building dynamically scheduled recursive processes. It allows to efficiently jump along timestamps and perform user defined actions

  • monex0.1.17

    5 222 Downloads

    Monadic types collection. Option (Maybe) - some(val)/none(). Result - ok(val)/error(err).

  • state_machine0.1.6

    3 566 Downloads

    State Machine implementation in Elixir. It's a structure and optionally a gen_statem powered process. It validates states and transitions for integrity and features seamless Ecto-integration.

  • test_probe0.0.2


    TestProbe is a tiny wrapper around GenServer, that puts testing of actor interactions under control.