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1 090 245

  • apus0.8.1

    43 709 Downloads

    Apus is a testable and adapter based Elixir SMS library

  • cashier0.4.0

    5 327 Downloads

    Cashier is an Elixir library that aims to be an easy to use payment gateway, whilst offering the fault tolerance and scalability benefits of being built on top of Erlang/OTP

  • digraph_viewer0.1.0


    Digraph viewer provides a visual representation of a digraph model through a web based interface

  • faktory_worker1.9.7

    129 460 Downloads

    A Faktory worker implementation for Elixir

  • ivar0.10.1

    26 767 Downloads

    Ivar is an adapter based HTTP client that provides the ability to build composable HTTP requests

  • ivar_httpoison0.2.0

    24 315 Downloads

    An HTTPoison adapter for the Ivar HTTP client

  • ms_luis2.0.0


    A small library that can send requests to the Microsoft LUIS service.

  • social_parser2.0.0

    4 582 Downloads

    A small library for parsing out common social elements such as hashtags, mentions and urls.

  • ueberauth_microsoft0.23.0

    855 166 Downloads

    Microsoft Strategy for Überauth

Stuart Welham