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  • dynamic_env0.1.0

    2 009 Downloads

    This provides a way to store environment variables into AWS SSM keystore backed by KMS encryption. Then you can invoke a function that will update your environment variables without recompiling or restarting your application.

  • dynamic_interfaces0.2.1

    3 210 Downloads

    Macro for swapping out different implementations at runtime.

  • nice_nickname0.0.1


    A nickname generator and profanity filter for Elixir

  • playfab_ex0.2.2

    2 057 Downloads

    Elixir library for working with playfab

  • syringe1.4.1

    25 713 Downloads

    A full library to help inject implementations at build time. With this power we can have a strong mocking framework that can also be asynchronous in test.