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Total Downloads
322 130

  • freddy0.17.0

    12 406 Downloads

    JSON RPC Client/Server, JSON Publisher-Subscriber over AMQP

  • logstash_logger_formatter1.1.3

    190 759 Downloads

    Logstash JSON formatter for Elixir standard Logger console backend

  • opentelemetry_function0.1.0

    8 230 Downloads

    This package provides functions to help propagating OpenTelemetry context across functions that are executed asynchronously

  • opentelemetry_logger_metadata0.1.0

    30 967 Downloads

    Adds OpenTelemetry trace identifiers to logs

  • salemove_hare0.2.2

    2 601 Downloads

    Some abstractions to interact with a AMQP broker (SaleMove fork)

  • salemove_http_client2.1.0

    13 510 Downloads

    Elixir HTTP client for JSON services

  • struct_constructor0.2.0

    10 886 Downloads

    StructConstructor allows you to declare structs using Ecto.Schema and generate constructor functions that will take care of coercion and handling various input formats (maps, keyword lists with string or atom keys).

  • tesla_middleware_tapper0.2.0

    4 932 Downloads

    Tapper distributed request tracing integration for Tesla

  • tesla_statsd0.4.0

    47 839 Downloads

    StatsD instrumenting middleware for Tesla HTTP client