Total Owned Packages

Total Downloads
253 098

  • airbrake0.6.2

    176 022 Downloads

    The first Elixir notifier to the Airbrake/Errbit. System-wide error reporting enriched with the information from Plug and Phoenix channels.

  • airbrake_plug0.1.1

    11 462 Downloads

    Airbrake reporter for Elixir's Plug

  • dbg_inspect0.1.0

    22 348 Downloads

    dbg_inspect provides an extended version of `IO.inspect/1` function for the debug purposes.

  • kafka_batcher1.0.2

    2 106 Downloads

    Library to increase the throughput of producing messages (coming one at a time) to Kafka by accumulating these messages into batches

  • new_relic0.2.0

    23 601 Downloads

    Elixir library for sending metrics to New Relic.

  • ueberauth_yandex0.1.0


    An Uberauth strategy for Yandex authentication.

  • user_agent_parser1.0.1

    17 015 Downloads

    A simple Elixir package for parsing user agent strings with the help of BrowserScope's UA database

  • utils0.1.0


    Handy utility functions for Elixir