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  • defunit0.4.0

    1 138 Downloads

    DefUnit provides macros that allow you to quickly create a module that defines a set of core units (SI, FPS, currency, whatever) for its users. The macros create documentation attributes, conversion operators and type specs that allow Dialyzer to detect incompatible unit assignments at compile time.

  • elixplane0.6.0

    1 647 Downloads

    An X-Plane network interface for Elixir

  • mavlink0.9.0


    A Mix task to generate code from a MAVLink xml definition file, and an application that enables communication with other systems using the MAVLink 1.0 or 2.0 protocol over serial, UDP and TCP connections.

  • safeish0.5.0


    NOT FOR PRODUCTION USE: Safe-ish is an experimental sandbox for BEAM modules that examines and rejects BEAM bytecode containing instructions that could cause side effects. You can provide an optional whitelist of opcodes and functions the module can use.

Robin Hilliard