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  • absinthe_error_payload1.1.4

    176 352 Downloads

    Utilities to return Ecto validation error messages in an absinthe graphql response.

  • credo_filename_consistency0.2.1

    11 443 Downloads

    A check to ensure filename consistency across an Elixir project.

  • credo_naming1.0.0

    94 586 Downloads

    A suite of checks to enforce naming best practices in an Elixir project.

  • mix_audit1.0.0

    261 003 Downloads

    MixAudit provides a `mix deps.audit` task to scan a project Mix dependencies for known Elixir security vulnerabilities

  • plug_best2.0.0

    2 015 Downloads

    A Plug to parse HTTP “Accept-*” headers and return the best match based on a list of values.

  • plug_canonical_host2.0.1

    79 666 Downloads

    PlugCanonicalHost ensures that all requests are served by a single canonical host. It will redirect all requests from non-canonical hosts to the canonical one.

  • plug_letsencrypt0.1.0


    PlugLetsEncrypt responds to Let’s Encrypt domain verification requests.

  • plug_locale_root_redirect0.3.1

    1 014 Downloads

    A Plug that uses PlugBest to map '/' route to a path based on the Accept-Language HTTP header.

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