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25 266

  • bungee0.0.1

    8 570 Downloads

    Elasticsearch Client with Repository implementation

  • eidetic0.5.0

    5 864 Downloads

    An event-sourcing library for Elixir

  • eidetic_eventstore_mongodb0.1.0

    3 636 Downloads

    A MongoDB EventStore for the Eidetic EventSourcing library

  • eidetic_plug0.3.0


    Plug that allows setting Eidetic metadata from the HTTP request

  • eidetic_projector0.1.0-alpha7

    1 063 Downloads

    Projector Middleware system for building projections from Eidetic event streams

  • weave4.0.0

    5 677 Downloads

    Weave allows you to configure your application just-in-time (JIT), embracing the 12-Factor manifesto. Weave supports loading configuration from environment variables and files, with prefix and filename filtering. Works great with Kubernetes and Docker Swarm.

David McKay