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  • assertions0.19.0

    3 480 551 Downloads

    Helpful functions with great error messages to help you write better tests.

  • benchee1.3.0

    5 712 019 Downloads

    Versatile (micro) benchmarking that is extensible. Get statistics such as: average, iterations per second, standard deviation and the median.

  • benchee_csv1.0.0

    261 456 Downloads

    Get CSV from your benchee benchmarks to turn them into graphs or whatever!

  • benchee_html1.0.1

    566 749 Downloads

    HTML formatter with pretty graphs for the (micro) benchmarking library benchee. Also allows export as PNG image!

  • benchee_json1.0.0

    608 784 Downloads

    JSON formatter for the (micro) benchmarking library benchee.

  • bugsnex0.4.3

    33 888 Downloads

    Elixir client for Bugsnag with helpers for Plug and Phoenix

  • bunny2.4.2019

    3 678 Downloads

    This was an april's fools joke of a benchmarking library. It'll remain functional though.

  • deep_merge1.0.0

    6 834 016 Downloads

    Deep (recursive) merging for maps, keyword lists and whatever else you may want via implementing a simple protocol.

  • statistex1.0.0

    2 447 379 Downloads

    Calculate statistics on data sets, reusing previously calculated values or just all metrics at once. Part of the benchee library family.

Tobias Pfeiffer