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70 743

  • dawdle0.7.0

    11 113 Downloads

    Dawdle weaponizes Amazon SQS for use in your Elixir applications. Use it when you want to handle something later, or, better yet, when you want someone else to handle it.

  • dawdle_db0.7.3

    2 905 Downloads

    DawdleDB uses Dawdle and SQS to capture change notifications from PostgreSQL.

  • eventually1.1.0

    26 744 Downloads

    Macros to support assertions/refutations that might not be correct immediately but will eventually become so due to, say, eventual consistency.

  • guardian_firebase1.0.0

    6 992 Downloads

    Library for authenticating against Google Firebase using Guardian.

  • module_config1.0.0

    22 989 Downloads

    Simplifies working with module specific configuration.

Aeryn Toland