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  • dist_neat_ex1.0.0


    This project allows for Distributed Neuroevolution of Augmenting Topologies. Evolve a population of artificial neural networks on a distributed cluster of devices, using the NEAT algorithm.

  • neat_ex1.3.0

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    This project provides the means to define, simulate, and serialize Artificial-Neural-Networks (ANNs), as well as the means to develop them through use of the Neuro-Evolution of Augmenting Toplogies (NEAT) algorithm created by Dr. Kenneth Stanley.

  • neural_net1.0.0


    NeuralNet is an A.I. library that allows for the construction and training of complex recurrent neural networks. Architectures such as LSTM or GRU can be specified in under 20 lines of code. Any neural network that can be built with the NeuralNet DSL can be trainined with automatically implemente...

  • velixir0.0.7

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    VElixir is a simple to use primitive 3D graphics library. It offers great performance, and ease of use. VElixir was inspired by VPython, which makes basic 3D graphics in python trivial. Now it's just as easy to make 3D graphical visualizations in Elixir.