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  • phoenix_form_awesomplete0.3.3

    175 505 Downloads

    Phoenix form helper that utilizes Lea Verou's autocomplete autosuggest typeahead Awesomplete widget, featuring dynamic data loading using ajax calls.

  • pop3client1.4.0

    28 989 Downloads

    POP3 email client in pure Erlang, a.k.a. erlpop derived from the original epop package. Retrieve/stream mail. Implements the following commands in accordance with RFC-1939: APOP, DELE, LIST, NOOP, PASS, RETR, RSET, STAT, TOP, UIDL, USER, QUIT. Optionally check if an email address is RFC 5322 comp...

  • pop3mail1.5.0

    41 900 Downloads

    Pop3 client to download email (including attachments) from the inbox. Decodes multipart content, quoted-printables, base64 and encoded-words. Uses an Erlang pop3 client with SSL support derived from the epop package.

  • simple_mem_cache1.0.1


    ETS backed in-memory key-value cache with entry expiration after creation (TTL) or last access (idle-timout) and automatic value loading. Expired entries are automatically purged. Supports time travel.

    Trade memory for performance.