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  • ack0.3.1

    21 035 Downloads

    Tiny drop-in for painless acknowledgements across different applications.

  • agency0.3.1

    6 871 Downloads

    The implementation of the `Agent` backing up any container implementing `Access`. The default one is map.

    All the handlers are exposed to ease the implementation.

  • agentex0.2.0

    4 985 Downloads

    Distributed `Agent` implementation, providing multi-node agents on top of Mnesia.

  • atadura0.2.1

    4 381 Downloads

    Helper tiny module to provide easy binding support as `bind_quoted` does.

  • camarero1.0.1

    24 199 Downloads

    The application-wide registry with handy helpers to ease dispatching.

  • case20.1.3

    4 182 Downloads

    Drop-in replacement for [`Recase`]( supporting Unicode [Default Identifiers](

  • cloister0.17.2

    25 122 Downloads

    The helper application to manage cluster, that uses hash ring to route requests to nodes.

    Automatically keeps track of connected nodes, provides helpers to determine where the term is to be executed, to multicast to all the nodes in the cluster and to retrieve current state of the cluster.

  • easy_cluster0.1.1


    The scaffold for the process keeping track of the cluster changes and calling callbacks

  • easy_ets0.1.0


    The very simple ETS wrapper simplifying cross-process ETS handling (like `Agent`, but `:ets`).

  • emphatis0.2.1


    **Tiny library to convert text into unicode bold/italic/script.**

    Based on `StringNaming`.

  • enfiladex0.3.1


    Erlang `common_test` and multinode test with `:peer` convenient wrapper.

  • envio1.0.0

    47 332 Downloads

    The application-wide registry with handy helpers to ease dispatching.

  • envio_log0.1.1


    [Logger backend]( for [`Envío`]( with `Slack` logging out of the box.

  • estructura1.3.0

    14 151 Downloads

    Extensions for Elixir structures.

  • exvalibur0.10.0

    2 261 Downloads

    The generator of blazingly fast validator for map input.

  • finitomata0.19.0

    22 389 Downloads

    The FSM implementation generated from PlantUML textual representation.

  • formulae0.14.0

    40 830 Downloads

    A set of functions to deal with analytical formulae.

  • gelato0.3.0

    1 224 Downloads

    The application-wide registry with handy helpers to ease dispatching.

  • issuer0.2.2

    7 645 Downloads

    Adds `mix` tasks to easily issue (publish) new versions.

  • iteraptor1.14.0

    319 437 Downloads

    This small library allows the deep iteration / mapping of Enumerables.

  • johanna0.2.7

    2 928 Downloads

    **The wrapper for `erlcron` to be used in Elixir projects.**

    Original erlang library:

  • kantox_consul1.2.0


    An Elixir client for Consul's HTTP API

  • kungfuig1.0.0

    29 563 Downloads

    Live config supporting many different backends.

    **Kungfuig** (_pronounced:_ [ˌkʌŋˈfig]) provides a drastically easy way to plug live configuration into everything.

    It provides backends for `env` and `system` and supports custom backends.

  • laocoon0.1.0


    **Laocoön** is the testing / seeding tool faking external sources.

    **Laocoön** was a Trojan priest who was attacked, with his two sons, by giant serpents sent by the gods.

    See for details.

  • lazy_for1.1.0

    2 685 Downloads

    Lazy implementation of Kernel.SpecialForms.for/1 based on streams

  • lib_lat_lon0.8.0

    13 566 Downloads

    Small library for direct/reverse geocoding.

    Supports explicit latitude/longitude pairs, addresses as binaries, as well as jpeg/tiff images having a GPS information in exif.

  • markright0.7.3

    3 555 Downloads

    **The extended, configurable markdown-like syntax parser, that produces an AST.**

    Supports the full set of `markdown`, plus extensions (custom markup with a bit of elixir code to handle parsing.)

    The AST produced is understandable by [`XmlBuilder`](

  • md0.10.2

    7 274 Downloads

    Custom extendable markdown parser.

  • nextexif0.1.2

    21 370 Downloads

    Read TIFF and EXIF information from a JPEG-format image.

    iex> {:ok, info} = Exexif.exif_from_jpeg_buffer(buffer) iex> info.x_resolution 72 iex> info.model "DSC-RX100M2" ...> Exexif.Data.Gps.inspect info "41°23´16˝N,2°11´50˝E"

  • nimble_ets0.1.0


    The very simple ETS wrapper simplifying cross-process ETS handling (like `Agent`, but `:ets`).

  • nimble_options_ex0.1.0


    Pack of custom functions to enhance the UX with `NimbleOptions`.

  • peluquero0.99.43

    6 837 Downloads

    RabbitMQ middleware to plug into exchange chain to transform data.

    Peluquero is reading all the configured source exchanges, transforms and publishes to all destination exchanges.

    Transformers might be added in runtime using `Peluquero.handler!/1`.

  • pyc0.2.1


    Struct on steroids: insertion validation, handy pipelining and more.

  • rambla1.2.0

    23 205 Downloads

    Easy publishing to many different targets.

    Supported back-ends:

    - Rabbit [Amqp]( - Redis [Redix]( - Http [:httpc]( - Smtp [:gen_smtp]( - Slack [Envío](

  • serum_md1.6.7


    Yet another static website generator written in Elixir with MD parser (forked from serum)

  • serum_theme_essence_md1.2.2


    EssenceMD is a SerumMD theme which presents a minimal and clean look (ported from Essence).

  • siblings0.11.3

    3 012 Downloads

    The partitioned dynamic supervision of FSM-backed workers.

  • string_naming0.7.3

    2 161 Downloads

    Compile-time generated set of modules to ease an access to a predefined subset of UTF8 symbols.

  • sweetener0.1.0


    Set of nifty functions I missed in Elixir core.

    Currently it provides: [tap]. More coming soon.

  • tarearbol1.11.2

    44 343 Downloads

    The supervised tree of tasks, simplifying the process of handling:

    - recurrent tasks - retried tasks - long tasks - etc

  • telemetria0.16.0

    21 112 Downloads

    The helper application that simplifies and standardizes telemetry usage.

  • tempus0.14.0

    30 046 Downloads

    Easy handling of time periods, like business days, holidays, etc.

  • tempus_sql0.10.0


    Ecto support for `Tempus` library

  • test_cluster_task0.5.2

    20 056 Downloads

    Run tests in a distributed environment (cluster with several nodes).

    The code is based on the `distributed_test` by Sam Schneider (credits!)

  • tubo0.1.0


    **The tiny wrapper for functions to use them in pipelines.**

  • tyx0.1.2


    Library bringing types support to elixir.

    Allows type validation in compile time.

  • tyyppi0.12.3

    3 721 Downloads

    Library bringing erlang typespecs to runtime.

    Allows type validation, types structs with upserts validation and more.

  • vela1.1.0

    12 954 Downloads

    The tiny library to ease handling expiring invalidated cached series.

  • xml_builder_access1.0.0


    Access implementation for XmlBuilder.

  • xml_builder_ex3.1.4

    6 807 Downloads

    XML builder for Elixir

Aleksei Matiushkin