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  • clsx0.1.0


    Simple helper functions to conditionally determine class names. This library is largely inspired by the JavaScript library [clsx](, commonly used in the React ecosystem.

  • ecpay1.0.1


    ## ECPay 綠界 Payment Gateway Integration for Elixir

    The purpose of this library is to provide API integration with the ECPay (綠界科技) payment gateway provided by the Taiwan-based Green World FinTech Service Co., Ltd. (綠界科技股份有限公司).

  • ecpay_invoice0.0.2-beta4


    Client library for the ECPay Invoice API provided by Green World FinTech Service Co. (Taipei, Taiwan, Chinese name: 綠界科技股份有限公司).

    This library is compatible with API revision 3.0.0, which talks to the server using JSON payloads and uses AES encryption for verification.

  • elixir_latex0.2.0


    Renders LaTeX source files using the Phoenix templating engine, handles attachments, compiles everything as PDF using (Xe)LaTeX.

  • email_tld_validator0.1.1

    1 388 Downloads

    A simple email address validator for Elixir that first checks the address with a regular expression and then checks if the Top-Level Domain of the host is included in ICANN's List of Top-Level Domains. The package is meant for use with `Ecto.Changeset`.

  • toml_config_provider0.2.0

    2 055 Downloads

    A dead-simple config provider module that plugs into Elixir 1.9 release config and parses TOML config files on startup. It is meant as a replacement for Toml.Provider, which only works with Distillery.