Total Owned Packages

Total Downloads
70 060

  • acception_client_tcp0.1.0

    2 772 Downloads

    The official Elixir TCP client for the Acception log/error aggregation app.

  • bamboo_clicksend0.2.0

    2 666 Downloads

    A ClickSend adapter for the Bamboo email app.

  • biometrics_facade1.3.1

    5 944 Downloads

    An API facade for a private biometrics service.

  • click_send0.5.1

    7 160 Downloads

    API Facade for ClickSend REST v3.

  • conqueuer0.5.1

    24 728 Downloads

    An Elixir in memory work queue.

  • paramour0.1.0

    3 069 Downloads

    An HTTP request params accepting library providing atom key conversion, value type converting, validations etc in a plug.

  • phil_columns3.1.0

    17 473 Downloads

    A full featured Elixir/Ecto seeding and factory solution providing means for dev and prod seeding as well as factories for test.

  • productive0.4.0

    1 095 Downloads

    A workflow library allowing a process to be defined as steps. Think of a more generic implementation of Plug.

  • timely2.0.0

    5 153 Downloads

    Provides functions for converting, comparing and shifting Elixir dates/times.