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252 965

  • accomplice0.2.0

    8 096 Downloads

    Accomplice is a library for grouping members of a list with a respect to a number of constraints.

  • catalog_api0.0.17

    18 156 Downloads

    CatalogApi is a client for the catalogapi.com API.

  • content_security_policy1.0.3

    30 725 Downloads

    ContentSecurityPolicy makes working with the `"Content-Security-Policy"` response header simple.

  • ecto_crypto0.2.2

    1 507 Downloads

    EctoCrypto provides Ecto Types relating to Cryptographic concerns such as encrypted or hashed data.

  • ecto_sanitizer0.1.0

    12 176 Downloads

    EctoSanitizer is a libary for sanitizing inputs to Ecto Changesets.

  • json_janitor1.0.1

    36 652 Downloads

    `JsonJanitor` sanitizes elixir terms so that they can be serialized to JSON.

  • order_invariant_compare1.0.0

    24 658 Downloads

    OrderInvariantCompare provides functionality for order invariant equality comparison.

  • struct_access1.1.2

    119 117 Downloads

    StructAccess provides a generic implementation of the `Access` behaviour for the module where this library is used.

  • two_factor_in_a_can0.1.4

    1 451 Downloads

    TwoFactorInACan provides easy to use functions for implementing two factor authentication.

  • wildcard0.2.1


    Wildcard is a utility package for interacting with wildcard expressions which are intended to be matched against strings.