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  • ex_notification0.1.0


    An elixir client for the notification system APIs used by the Australian, British, and Canadian governments.

  • maple0.4.0

    1 005 Downloads

    Maple is an automatic, compile time, client code generator for GraphQL schemas. At best it creates easy to use API functions for use in your code. At worst it can be used as a CLI for a GraphQL API.

  • nio_google_authenticator2.1.2

    13 385 Downloads

    NioGoogleAuthenticator is a collection of Elixir convenience functions to generate secrets and validate tokens used in conjunction with Google Authenticator. It also includes functions that automatically add a secret to an Ecto.Changeset.

  • nio_google_geocoder0.8.0

    1 850 Downloads

    NioGoogleGeocoder is a collection of Elixir convenience functions to geocode a single, or list of, addresses. It also includes a function that automatically adds a geo location to an `Ecto.Changeset`.

  • pique0.1.0


    An elixir wrapper around gen_smtp that makes handler and sender registration easier.