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  • cf_env1.0.0

    5 475 Downloads

    A helper application for fetching and parsing CloudFoundry service bindings, and application information.

  • http_builder0.4.1

    3 799 Downloads

    A simple DSL for composing HTTP requests. Based off the lovely Elm-Http-Builder.

  • libvault0.2.4

    305 334 Downloads

    Highly configurable library for HashiCorp's Vault - handles authentication for multiple backends, and reading, writing, listing, and deleting secrets for a variety of engines.

  • rss_watcher0.1.1


    Create a process to monitor an Atom/RSS 2.0 feed, and dispatch updates.

  • smoke_test0.2.0

    1 314 Downloads

    A configurable Plug middleware to quickly find errors that might prevent a deployment. It can also be used as an application health-check.

Matthew Potter