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100 644

  • exop1.4.4

    74 734 Downloads

    A library that provides a few macros which allow you to encapsulate business logic and validate incoming params over predefined contract.

  • exop_data0.1.7

    17 936 Downloads

    The library provide the convenient way to generate data based on provided contract which describes data structure you're interesting in.

  • exop_plug1.1.0

    4 988 Downloads

    This library provides a convinient way to validate incoming parameters of your Phoenix application's controllers.

  • express1.3.3

    2 581 Downloads

    Library for sending push notifications. Supports Apple APNS (with either ssl certificate or JWT) and Google FCM services.

  • swap1.1.1


    The library that allows you to swap dependencies in your app. Also it allows you to inject dependencies with function decorator.

Andrey Chernykh