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  • earmark1.4.15

    31 997 710 Downloads

    Earmark is a pure-Elixir Markdown converter.

    It is intended to be used as a library (just call Earmark.as_html), but can also be used as a command-line tool (run mix first).

    Output generation is pluggable.

  • earmark_ast_dsl0.2.5

    2 972 Downloads

    EarmarkAstDsl is a toolset to generate EarmarkParser conformant AST Nodes.

    Its main purpose is to remove boilerplate code from Earmark and EarmarkParser tests.

  • earmark_parser1.4.13

    3 478 996 Downloads

    Earmark AST the parser and AST Generator for Dave Thomas' Earmark.

    The parser generates an Abstract Syntax Tree from Markdown.

    The original Earmark will still provide the HTML Transformation and the CLI, however its Scanner, Parser and AST Renderer have been extracted into this library.

  • earmark_tag_cloud0.1.4


    EarmarkTagCloud is a plugin for Earmark allowing for simple Tag Cloud generation.

  • ex_aequo0.1.5


    Some Tools Commonly Needed (commonly means once a year by me, but still)

  • extractly0.3.0

    1 485 Downloads

    Extractly `mix xtra` task to render `EEx` templates with easy access to hexdocs.

    The Extractly module gives easy access to Elixir metainformation of the application using the extractly package, notably, module and function documentation.

  • kwfuns0.0.4

    1 913 Downloads

    Macros to create functions with syntax based keyword parameters with default values

    defkw make_list_elem( parent, text, spaced: false, type: :ul ) do ... end

    translates to

    def make_list_elem( parent, text, keywords \ [] ) do some_code_with( spaces, typed) end

  • lab42_html0.1.4


    An isolated HTML generator. Inspired in its simplicity by Dave Thomas' keynote, condensed here

  • lab42_message0.1.2


    Simple Library to manage Errors and Results. Inspired in its simplicity by Dave Thomas' keynote, condensed here

  • lab42_simple_state_machine0.2.1


    A Simple State Machine

  • read_doc0.1.1


    A simple tool to insert docstrings into files (typically markdown files like

  • traverse1.0.1

    6 987 Downloads

    Traverse is a toolset to walk arbitrary Elixir Datastructures in a functional way.