Total Owned Packages

Total Downloads
18 190 760

  • alchemy0.3.1

    12 989 Downloads

    Perform experiments in production

  • band0.5.2

    11 656 Downloads

    A collection of instrumenters for common elixir projects.

  • butler0.7.1

    18 043 Downloads

    A simple elixir robot to help you get things done

  • butler_cage0.0.2

    2 651 Downloads

    A Butler plugin for showing silly photos of Nick Cage.

  • butler_new0.4.3

    1 378 Downloads

  • butler_tableflip0.0.3

    3 906 Downloads

    Butler Plugin for flipping tables.

  • chatops_rpc0.2.0


    An elixir implementation of ChatopsRPC

  • circular_buffer0.4.1

    102 151 Downloads

    General purpose circular buffer.

  • deadline0.7.1

    50 345 Downloads

    Deadline is a small library for managing deadlines and deadline propagation.

  • drax0.1.0


    Drax provides a group of common CRDTs.

  • ecto_hlclock0.3.0

    9 192 Downloads

    Ecto type support for storing/retrieving HLC timestamps

  • fawkes0.4.1


    Fawkes is a system for building chatbots.

  • finch0.12.0

    16 031 455 Downloads

    An HTTP client focused on performance.

  • groot0.1.2

    4 955 Downloads

    Groot is a distributed KV store built on distributed erlang, LWW Register CRDTS, and Hybrid Logical Clocks.

  • hlcid0.1.0

    10 270 Downloads

    Generates unique, k-ordered ids based on hybrid logical clocks.

  • hlclock1.0.0

    14 749 Downloads

    Hybrid Logical Clocks.

  • mentat0.7.1

    15 245 Downloads

    Simple caching with ttls.

  • norm0.13.0

    547 923 Downloads

    Norm is a system for specifying the structure of data. It can be used for validation and for generation of data. Norm does not provide any set of predicates and instead allows you to re-use any of your existing validations.

  • oath0.1.1

    7 694 Downloads

    Oath provides a system for Design by Contract in Elixir.

  • phoenix_webpack0.1.0


    Easily generate webpack configs for phoenix

  • raft0.2.1


    An implementation of the raft consensus protocol. Provides a way to create strongly consistent, distributed state machines.

  • regulator0.4.1

    28 804 Downloads

    Regulator provides adaptive conconcurrency and congestion control algorithms for load shedding.

  • rollout0.2.1

    5 943 Downloads

    Rollout allows you to flip features quickly and easily. It relies on distributed erlang and uses LWW-Registers and Hybrid-logical clocks to provide maximum availability and low latency.

  • schism1.0.1

    27 690 Downloads

    Schism provides a simple api for partitioning networked BEAM instances without having to leave elixir code.

  • sync_dispatch0.1.0


    SyncDispatch provides a system for Design by Contract in Elixir.

  • twirp0.8.0

    24 265 Downloads

    Twirp provides an Elixir implementation of the Twirp RPC framework.

  • vapor0.10.0

    264 267 Downloads

    Dynamic configuration management

  • wallaby0.29.1

    985 134 Downloads

    Concurrent feature tests for elixir

  • weirding0.2.2

    7 407 Downloads

    Weirding is the best way to generate complete gibberish.

Chris Keathley