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Total Downloads
2 722 691

  • bamboo_smtp4.1.0

    2 446 116 Downloads

    A Bamboo adapter for SMTP

  • carselector0.1.1

    1 793 Downloads

    A client for the CarSelector API

  • email_checker0.2.1

    179 640 Downloads

    Simple library checking the validity of an email. Checks are performed in the following order:

    - REGEX: validate the emails has a good looking format

    - MX: validate the domain sever contains MX records

    - SMTP: validate the SMTP behind the MX records knows this email address (no email sent)

  • kaur1.1.0

    93 981 Downloads

    A bunch of helper functions to ease the development of your applications

  • locale_names1.0.1

    1 161 Downloads

    Translation, spelling and direction of locales

Kevin Disneur