Total Owned Packages

Total Downloads
118 673

  • bamboo_elastic_email1.2.1

    16 369 Downloads

    A Bamboo adapter for the Elastic Email email service

  • heroicons_liveview0.5.0

    1 048 Downloads

    A collection of Phoenix LiveView Components for all SVG Heroicons

  • mangler0.2.0

    94 168 Downloads

    A collection of utilities to validate and transform strings with diacritics, unicode and ascii.

  • surface_heroicons0.6.0

    6 517 Downloads

    A collection of Surface Components for all SVG Heroicons

  • tailwind_live_components0.5.6


    Tailwind Live Components is a set of HEEX components that builds LiveView components with Tailwind 2.0+

Jonathan Principe