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429 786

  • crucible0.0.1



  • elsa0.12.3

    234 504 Downloads

    Elsa is a full-featured Kafka library written in Elixir and extending the :brod library with additional support from the :kafka_protocol Erlang libraries to provide capabilities not available in :brod.

  • geomancer0.1.0

    9 394 Downloads

    A library to convert geospatial data from format-to-format: Shapefile, KML, CSV, GeoJSON, etc.

  • off_broadway_kafka1.0.1

    44 896 Downloads

    Implementation of Broadway that supports a Kafka producer

  • placebo2.0.0

    135 905 Downloads

    A mocking library for ExUnit inspired by RSpec and based on meck.

  • rexerbug1.0.0

    3 875 Downloads

    An opinionated Rexbug/redbug wrapper for trace debugging

  • rot130.1.0

    1 009 Downloads

    A rot13 cipher library

Johnson Denen