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  • eastar0.5.1

    6 058 Downloads

    Eastar is a pure-Elixir implementation of A* graph pathfinding algorithm.

    All graph environment, like nodes connectivity, distance & H-metric are abstracted away - you provide them as functions.

  • reprise0.5.1

    19 355 Downloads

    Reprise reloads your modules after they've been recompiled.

    It is thought as a companion to inotify tools. It scans for changes in beam files belonging to youyr project. Doesn't recompile stuff by itself.

  • webassembly0.6.1

    10 510 Downloads

    WebAssembly is a web DSL for Elixir.

    You create html structure straight using do blocks. Means, you can intermix html-building blocks with full Elixir syntax.

    DSL output is an iolist, which you can flatten to string, but better use is to just feed it to the socket (via Plug & Cowboy).