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2 216 419

  • ectoo0.2.0

    4 458 Downloads

    Make simple things easy in Ecto, e.g. Ectoo.max(MyModel, :age). Also .count, .min, .max, .avg.

  • fixme0.2.0

    1 523 Downloads

    FIXME comments that raise after a certain point in time.

  • phoenix_slime0.13.1

    759 531 Downloads

    Phoenix Template Engine for Slim-like templates

  • plug_and_play0.7.0

    1 091 Downloads

    Set up a `Plug` application with less boilerplate.

    `PlugAndPlay` is not a web framework – it's a small scaffold. You use `Plug` as you would normally, only *sooner*.

    Later, if you need more control, you can easily replace `PlugAndPlay` piece by piece or wholesale.

  • progress_bar3.0.0

    540 133 Downloads

    Command-line progress bars and spinners.

  • shameless_plug1.0.0


    A novelty Plug to remove the word "shame" from the page body.

  • slim_fast0.10.0

    6 632 Downloads

    An Elixir library for rendering slim templates.

  • slime1.3.0

    902 697 Downloads

    An Elixir library for rendering Slim-like templates.

Henrik Nyh