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1 255 184

  • airtable0.4.0

    8 366 Downloads

    An API wrapper for Airtable's REST API to base your specific client on.

  • couchdb_client0.2.5

    1 419 Downloads

    A partial yet functional CouchDB client, with attachment support.

  • data_leaf_walker0.1.0

    1 111 Downloads

    Traverse and map values of deeply nested data structures: Provides a `map_deeply/2` function for Maps and Lists and Keyword Lists

  • misc_random0.2.9

    297 015 Downloads

    Creates random numbers and strings of arbitrary lengths. Uses preferred Erlang random module based on used OTP version.

  • navigation_tree0.4.4

    3 205 Downloads

    A navigation tree representation with helpers to generate HTML out of it - depending of userroles. Also creates nice HTML navbars for Bootstrap. Implemented as Agent to hold config state.

  • pdf_generator0.6.2

    941 562 Downloads

    A wrapper for wkhtmltopdf and chrome-headless(puppeteer) with optional support for encryption via pdftk.

  • plug_session_memcached0.3.3

    1 844 Downloads

    A memcached session store for use with Plug.Session

  • vista_client0.2.0


    A client to read cinema program data from VistaConnect.