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  • bencode0.3.2

    13 307 Downloads

    A complete and correct Bencode encoder and decoder written in pure Elixir.

    The decoder will return the info hash with along with the decoded data, and the encoder is implemented as a protocol, allowing any data structure to be bcode encoded.

  • bit_field_set1.2.3

    16 276 Downloads

    Store and manipulate a set of bit flags, mostly used for syncing the state between peers in a peer to peer network, such as BitTorrent.

  • gen_mqtt0.4.0

    42 083 Downloads

    An Elixir behaviour that makes it possible to communicate with a MQTT server

  • jackalope0.5.0

    1 813 Downloads

    An opinionated MQTT client library based on Tortoise MQTT

  • level1.0.0


    Level implements various helper functions and data types for working with Googles Level data store.

  • scaffold0.0.5


    A mix task for creating new projects based on templates fetched from a Git-repo.

  • tortoise0.10.0

    252 890 Downloads

    A MQTT client for Elixir.

  • wifi0.2.0


    Various utility functions for working with the local Wifi network in Elixir. These functions are mostly useful in scripts that could benefit from knowing the current location of the computer or the Wifi surroundings.

  • workshop0.5.1

    2 921 Downloads

    Mix tasks for creating and running interactive workshops for teaching people how to program in Elixir, and other things.

Martin Gausby