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55 640 132

  • batch_please0.5.0

    15 900 Downloads

    A library for collecting and processing batches of data

  • config_smuggler0.7.3

    4 674 Downloads

    ConfigSmuggler converts Elixir-style configuration statements to and from string-encoded key/value pairs.

  • ets_deque0.2.0


    A high-performance double-ended queue (deque) based on ETS

  • ets_lock0.2.1

    1 142 Downloads

    A lock handler for ETS data

  • exconstructor1.2.3

    27 914 996 Downloads

    ExConstructor generates constructor functions for your structs, handling map-vs-keyword-list, string-vs-atom-keys, and camelCase-vs-under_score issues automatically.

  • exsentry0.7.1

    21 126 Downloads

    ExSentry is a client for the Sentry error reporting platform.

  • fuzzyurl1.0.1

    219 138 Downloads

    Fuzzyurl is a library for non-strict parsing, construction, and fuzzy-matching of URLs.

  • gen_retry1.2.0

    26 967 774 Downloads

    GenRetry provides utilities for retrying Elixir functions, with configurable delay and backoff characteristics.

  • json_patch0.8.0

    37 081 Downloads

    An Elixir implementation of JSON Patch (RFC 6902)

  • mojito0.7.9

    449 855 Downloads

    Fast, easy to use HTTP client based on Mint

  • stifle0.1.0

    3 945 Downloads

    Stifle is a library for suppressing side-effects (raises, exits, etc) in Elixir functions, allowing the developer to replay side effects in the current process or inspect the effect/return value safely.

  • strip_js0.9.2

    3 574 Downloads

    Strip JavaScript from HTML and CSS

  • uber0.1.0


    Utilities for working with the UBER hypermedia format

  • xclient0.7.0-vendored-xhttp


    XClient is an HTTP client based on XHTTP.

Pete Gamache