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  • anagram1.0.0

    2 479 Downloads

    Find anagrams of words and "words that can be made with a set of letters" (sort of a sub anagram)

  • ecto_auto_migrator1.2.0

    1 273 Downloads

    Automatic migrations for Ecto as part of the application boot process

  • priority_queue1.0.0

    3 783 Downloads

    Priority Queue for Elixir. Heap implementation

  • sudoku1.0.1


    Sudoku solver in Elixir, which prefers to use heuristics over guessing

  • xmlrpc1.4.2

    341 304 Downloads

    XML-RPC encoder/decder for Elixir. Supports all valid datatypes. Input (ie untrusted) is parsed with erlsom against an xml-schema for security.