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472 900

  • bridge1.1.2

    2 255 Downloads

    wxWidgets drop-in replacement API to make the /desktop package work on Android and iOS

  • certmagex1.0.3


    Automatic Letsencrypt certificates for your ssl sockets and https phoenix apps

  • debouncer0.1.8

    17 787 Downloads

    Debouncer is a flexible function call debouncer.

  • desktop1.5.3

    4 253 Downloads

    Building native-like Elixir apps for Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android using Phoenix LiveView!

  • dets_plus2.1.5


    Pure Elixir disk backed key-value store.

  • ecql5.1.3

    1 108 Downloads

    Fastest Cassandra driver for Erlang (CQL3 native protocol v4).

  • ex_sha30.1.4

    296 114 Downloads

    ExSha3 is a pure Elixir implementation of Sha3 and the original Keccak1600-f

  • keccakf1600_diode_fork3.0.0

    2 241 Downloads

    Keccak-f[1600] asynchronous port driver

  • libsecp256k1_diode_fork0.1.17

    7 806 Downloads

    Erlang NIF bindings for the the libsecp256k1 library

  • live_attribute1.1.4

    5 894 Downloads

    LiveAttributes for Phoenix.LiveView to make subscription and updating of changing variables easier.

  • mix_rebar30.2.0

    99 128 Downloads

    mix_rebar3 is a rebar3 compiler for your mix project

  • niffler0.3.0


    Just-In-Time nif generator, FFI generator, C-compiler based on TinyCC. For Linux, MacOS, Windows (msys2)

  • oncrash0.1.0

    18 509 Downloads

    OnCrash registering crash callbacks.

  • paged_file1.1.1


    Faster file access for random read/write loads.

  • profiler0.2.6

    9 735 Downloads

    Profiler is a sampling profiler library for live performance analysis.

  • while0.2.4

    5 415 Downloads

    Provides a general functional `reduce_while(acc, fun)` for use without an Enum. Additionally provides syntax sugar to simulate a non-functional `while` as proof of concept on what can be done with macros.

Dominic Letz