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96 202

  • behave0.1.0

    22 159 Downloads

    `Behave` checks whether a module implements the behaviour defined in another module.

  • breaker_box0.5.0

    21 559 Downloads

    `BreakerBox` is an implementation of the circuit breaker pattern, wrapping the Fuse Erlang library with a supervised server for ease of breaker configuration and management.

  • deep_get0.1.0

    13 232 Downloads

    `DeepGet` allows you to take an object (map/struct/list/keyword list) or list of them, nested to an arbitrary level, and extract the values corresponding to a list of keys.

  • is_type0.1.0


    `IsType` injects a function into a struct allowing you to check its type.

  • xmerl_c14n0.2.0

    39 184 Downloads

    `XmerlC14n` canonicalizes XML for signing.

Chris Doggett