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  • expcap0.1.2


    A PCAP library written in Elixir. This does not wrap a C or Erlang PCAP library.

    This library parses pcap files, however it does not yet support most protocols that can be contained within a pcap file. The only supported protocols at the moment are:

    * Ethernet

    * IPv4

    * UDP

    * DNS

  • inet_cidr1.0.8

    33 260 393 Downloads

    Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) library for Elixir.

    Compatible with Erlang's :inet module and support for IPv4 and IPv6

  • presentex0.0.10

    2 676 Downloads

    An Elixir -> HTML/JavaScript presentation generation tool.

  • raygun0.4.0

    26 928 Downloads

    Send errors in your application to Raygun.

    Raygun captures all your application errors in one place. It can be used as a Plug, via Logger and/or programmatically.