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1 001 402

  • adept0.1.0


    A collection of light and simple utility functions for Elixir

  • adept_svg0.3.1

    11 526 Downloads

    A simple and fast in-line SVG library and renderer for web applications

  • makeup_c0.1.1

    12 307 Downloads

    C lexer for the Makeup syntax highlighter.

  • phoenix_integration0.9.2

    260 692 Downloads

    Lightweight server-side integration test functions for Phoenix. Optimized for Elixir Pipes and the existing Phoenix.ConnTest framework to emphasize both speed and readability.

  • phoenix_markdown1.0.3

    462 219 Downloads

    Markdown Template Engine for Phoenix. Uses Earmark to render.

  • policy_wonk1.0.0

    254 587 Downloads

    Plug based authorization and resource loading. Aimed at Phoenix, but depends only on Plug. MIT license Updated to compile clean with Elixir 1.4