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  • cli_spinners0.1.0

    8 165 Downloads

    This module compirises of the loading animations for the CLI- command line interface. This comprises of 60+ loading animaations. This is highly useful ind command line applications for loading animations.

  • exlist0.1.2


    The extended functions of the lists which are not available in the default List Module and some basic mathematical operations on the list alog with some regular functions

  • exsms0.2.2

    2 496 Downloads

    Exsms: A Elixir library for sending transactional SMS - supports Sendinblue, mailjet, msg91, msg91_otp and textlocal

  • is_x0.1.0


    This module comprises of truth value definitions like the whether the data is empty or blank or null or nil or its length is 0 like.

    To say in one word the extended functions of value assertion functions

  • printex1.1.0

    12 615 Downloads

    Console Printing with colors and background colors

  • typex0.1.0


    A module for checking the type and values of an argument

Malreddy Ankanna