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  • alchemetrics0.5.2

    29 046 Downloads

    Alchemetrics is a wrapper around exometer, that uses GenStage to backpressure the reports.

  • alchemetrics_tesla2.0.1

    26 016 Downloads

    AlchemetricsTesla is a Tesla middleware to report external call metrics.

  • alchemetrics_web0.6.0

    39 032 Downloads

    Alchemetrics Web is a boilerplate to report basic metrics for a typical web application, such as request count, response time, ecto and erlang metrics.

  • fake_server2.1.0

    137 058 Downloads

    With FakeServer you can create individual HTTP servers for each test case, allowing external requests to be tested without the need for mocks.

  • tesla_timeout0.1.1


    TeslaTimeout is a middleware for Elixir Tesla HTTP Client