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849 451

  • apus0.5.0

    27 210 Downloads

    Apus is a testable and adapter based Elixir SMS library

  • faktory_worker1.4.0

    15 548 Downloads

    A Faktory worker implementation for Elixir

  • interactor0.1.0

    1 527 Downloads

    Interactor provides an opinionated interface for performing complex user interactions.

  • ja_resource0.3.1

    37 675 Downloads

    A behaviour for defining JSON-API spec controllers in Phoenix.

    Lets you focus on your data, not on boilerplate controller code. Like Webmachine for Phoenix.

  • ja_serializer0.16.0

    767 491 Downloads

    A serialization library implementing the 1.0 spec suitable for use building JSON APIs in Phoenix and any other Plug based framework or app.

Peter Brown