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  • brook0.6.0

    44 574 Downloads

    Brook provides an event stream client interface for distributed applications. Brook sends and receives messages with the event stream via a driver module and persists an application-specific view of the event stream via a storage module.

  • brook_serializer2.2.1

    67 391 Downloads

    Serializer and Deserializer protocol used by brook to serialize and deserialize event

  • checkov1.0.0

    37 267 Downloads

    A parameterized testing library attempting to emulate the data driven testing of the [Spock Framework](

  • elsa0.12.3

    108 554 Downloads

    Elsa is a full-featured Kafka library written in Elixir and extending the :brod library with additional support from the :kafka_protocol Erlang libraries to provide capabilities not available in :brod.

  • json_serde1.1.0

    16 875 Downloads

    JsonSerde serializes and deserializes nested elixir datastructures, including custom structs.

  • off_broadway_kafka1.0.1

    22 254 Downloads

    Implementation of Broadway that supports a Kafka producer

  • placebo2.0.0

    104 086 Downloads

    A mocking library for ExUnit inspired by RSpec and based on meck.