Total Owned Packages

Total Downloads
3 459 364

  • analytics0.6.0

    21 963 Downloads

    Universal analytics client, currently only supports Mixpanel and

  • annon_ktl0.3.0

    18 905 Downloads

    annonktl is an escript that controls the Annon API Gateway cluster.

  • bsoneach0.4.1

    9 826 Downloads

    Applies a function to each document in a BSON file.

  • confex3.5.0

    1 878 630 Downloads

    Helper module that provides a nice way to read configuration at runtime from environment variables or via adapter-supported interface.

  • dogstat0.1.0

    1 169 Downloads

    Runtime-configurable Elixir client for StatsD servers.

  • ecto_mnesia0.9.1

    24 445 Downloads

    Ecto adapter for Mnesia Erlang/OTP term storage.

  • ecto_paging0.8.4

    8 289 Downloads

    Cursor-based pagination for Ecto.

  • ecto_trail0.4.2

    28 454 Downloads

    This package allows to add audit log that is based on Ecto changesets and stored in a separate table.

  • eflame1.0.1

    246 783 Downloads

    Flame Graph profiler for Erlang and Elixir.

  • egndf0.2.2

    1 204 Downloads

    Simple Elixir client for open-source decision engine Gandalf

  • eview0.16.0

    74 754 Downloads

    Plug that converts response to Nebo #15 API spec format.

  • gen_task0.1.4


    Generic Task behavior that helps to encapsulate worker errors and recover from them in classic GenStage's.

  • jvalid1.0.0

    30 777 Downloads

    Json Schema validation helper, that allows to store schemes in a separate files.

  • logger_json4.2.0

    831 409 Downloads

    Console Logger back-end, Plug and Ecto adapter that writes logs in JSON format.

  • multiverse2.0.0

    30 832 Downloads

    Plug that allows to add version compatibility layers via API request/response gateways.

  • nex_json_schema0.8.4

    52 475 Downloads

    A JSON Schema validator with full support for the draft 4 specification and zero dependencies.

  • rbmq0.4.0

    4 052 Downloads

    Simple API for spawning RabbitMQ Producers and Consumers.

  • sage0.6.1

    192 187 Downloads

    Sagas pattern implementation for distributed or long lived transactions and their error handling.

  • skycluster1.1.5

    2 519 Downloads

    Automatic Erlang cluster formation, messaging and management for Elixir/Erlang applications.

Andrew Dryga