Total Owned Packages

Total Downloads
3 349 373

  • deno_ex0.5.0

    1 156 Downloads

    Run TypeScript & JavaScript files right from Elixir.

  • doctor0.21.0

    742 371 Downloads

    Simple utility to create documentation coverage reports

  • ecto_dbg0.2.0

    11 799 Downloads

    Log your Ecto queries as pretty printed SQL

  • ex_server0.2.0


    This mix task allows you to start a server anywhere on the file system and serve files.

  • ex_todo0.1.0

    2 178 Downloads

    A simple utility to find codetags within a project

  • litestream0.3.0


    Add Litestream to your SQLite powered application for effortless backups

  • mjml_eex0.10.0

    71 756 Downloads

    Create emails that WOW your customers using MJML and EEx

  • octo_fetch0.4.0

    730 187 Downloads

    Download, verify, and extract GitHub release artifacts effortlessly right from Elixir

  • pharams0.10.0

    1 464 Downloads

    Validate parameters in Phoenix with ease using Ecto.Schema

  • phx_2_ban0.1.0-beta


    Block access to your application from IP addresses making malicious requests

  • prom_ex1.9.0

    1 399 645 Downloads

    Prometheus metrics and Grafana dashboards for all of your favorite Elixir libraries

  • replug0.1.0

    58 886 Downloads

    A plug that can be used to configure other plugs at run-time

  • server_timing_plug0.1.0


    Plug that can be used to add Server-Timing header metrics to responses

  • telemetry_filter0.1.0

    3 013 Downloads

    Simple Plug to filter out configured telemetry events

  • unplug1.0.0

    325 751 Downloads

    A plug that can be used to conditionally invoke other plugs

Alexander Koutmos