Total Owned Packages

Total Downloads
49 348

  • doctor0.17.0

    32 340 Downloads

    Simple utility to create documentation coverage reports

  • ex_todo0.1.0

    1 897 Downloads

    A simple utility to find codetags within a project

  • pharams0.10.0


    Validate parameters in Phoenix with ease using Ecto.Schema

  • prom_ex1.1.0

    7 174 Downloads

    Prometheus metrics and Grafana dashboards for all of your favorite Elixir libraries

  • replug0.1.0

    1 166 Downloads

    A plug that can be used to configure other plugs at run-time

  • server_timing_plug0.1.0


    Plug that can be used to add Server-Timing header metrics to responses

  • telemetry_filter0.1.0

    2 971 Downloads

    Simple Plug to filter out configured telemetry events

  • unplug0.2.1

    2 828 Downloads

    A plug that can be used to conditionally invoke other plugs

Alexander Koutmos