Total Owned Packages

Total Downloads
1 219 816

  • caramelize1.2.1

    87 987 Downloads

    An Elixir library that converts maps from `snake_case` to `camelCase`.

  • graphql_markdown0.2.0

    97 888 Downloads

    A simple GraphQL JSON Schema to Markdown generator

  • podium_ex0.7.0

    3 098 Downloads

    HTTP client for interfacing with the Podium API

  • procrastinator0.1.2

    47 077 Downloads

    Procrastinates work until the last second or until the work load has gotten so big that it has to do it. Just like people!

  • redis_mutex1.0.0

    109 374 Downloads

    RedisMutex is a library for creating a Redis lock for a single Redis instance

  • simple_jwt_authentication0.1.1


    A plug that checks the signature and expiration of a jwt for authentication

  • simple_token_authentication0.7.0

    417 641 Downloads

    A plug that checks for presence of a simple token for authentication

  • uinta0.13.0

    456 310 Downloads

    Simpler structured logs and lower log volume for Elixir apps